The following is an actual client experience arising from a road traffic accident and details the actual settlement offers made where liability was not an issue.

Assessed by Injuries Board circa €22,000,  which was rejected by claimant on foot of my advise

Offer by Insurance company at settlement meeting  made in the sum of €25,000, rejected  on foot of my advise

Case listed for hearing and eventually settled for €75,000 plus legal costs .

While this was a complicated injury, the failure of the insurance company to deal with my client fairly and make realistic offers based on her injuries probably added an additional €35,000 to €40,000 to the overall cost of settling of this claim.  It highlights the importance of getting proper legal advise in dealing with the Injuries Board who in my opinion seriously undervalue many claims, especially those where there are significant injuries. I also believe that they  overvalue minor injuries !

If you have an  assessment from the Injuries Board  and are unsure as to whether it represents fair compensation,  I am happy to give discuss same with you. Contact Richard (090) 6466467